Ministry Of Defence Karachi Jobs 2024

Latest Ministry of Defence job openings in Karachi, the ad in the 12 May 2024 issue of Jang newspaper lists multiple positions up for grabs, including naib qasid, mali, chowkidar and record sorter. With only a middle or primary education required, these government jobs are within your reach. Don’t miss the 27 May deadline to apply if you want a chance to work for the Ministry of Defence. Working for the government has great job security and benefits. 

Ministry Of Defence Karachi Jobs 2024

Overview of Ministry of Defense Karachi Jobs 2024

The Ministry of Defence in Karachi has announced multiple job openings for positions like naib qasid, mali, chowkidar and record sorter. To apply, you’ll need at least a middle or primary school education.

The application deadline is May 27, 2024, so don’t delay! As a naib qasid, you’ll assist higher-ranking staff with routine office tasks. Malis are responsible for landscaping and gardening duties to help keep the ministry grounds looking pristine.

Chowkidars guard the ministry premises & equipment, maintaining safety & security. Record sorters organize & file important documents to help keep operations running rightly.

Available Positions at Ministry of Defense Karachi

The Ministry of Defence in Karachi has openings for several entry-level positions. To start, they’re hiring naib qasids, who assist other employees with daily tasks like delivering messages or moving supplies. If you’re looking for a manual labor role, consider applying as a mali, who maintains the grounds by planting, watering and mowing lawns.

Security positions are also available, like chowkidar, who guards ministry buildings and property. Are you prefer office work? Then record sorter could be a great fit. You would organize & file important documents to help keep the ministry running efficiently.

Eligibility Criteria for Ministry of Defense Jobs

Age Requirements

To apply for jobs at the Ministry of Defence, you must meet the minimum age criteria specified for each role. Typically, applicants must be between 18 to 35 years of age to qualify for non-officer positions like Naib Qasid, Mali or Chowkidar. For higher-level roles, the maximum age may be relaxed up to 45 years.


The jobs you’re interested in – Naib Qasid, Mali, Chowkidar – require at least a middle school education. Some may accept candidates with a primary school certificate. For officer-level jobs, at least an intermediate degree may be mandatory. Higher degrees may be preferred for several specialized roles.


You must be a Pakistani citizen to work in the Ministry of Defence. Candidates with dual nationalities may be considered but will likely need to renounce second citizenships.

Physical Fitness

Given the nature of roles at the Ministry of Defence, candidates must meet minimum standards of physical fitness and medical health. This may include vision, hearing & other assessments to make sure you are fit to properly carry out the your position duties. Waivers may be simply granted for several medical conditions.

Additional Skills

For some positions, additional skills may be required like proficiency in certain computer programs or foreign languages. Positions like Record Sorter may need strong organizational and filing abilities. Mali and Chowkidar roles may require physical strength and stamina. Be sure to highlight any relevant skills, talents or experience you have that would benefit the position.

How to Apply for Ministry of Defense Karachi Vacancies

To apply for the positions advertised by the Ministry of Defense, follow these steps:

Gather Required Documents

Make sure you have copies of your CNIC, education certificates, experience letters, and a passport-size photo ready. 

Fill Out the Application Form

You can obtain the application form from the Ministry of Defense Karachi, or download it from their official website. Carefully fill in all sections of the form with the correct information. 

Submit Your Application

Submit your completed application form along with the required documents at the designated drop-off points mentioned in the ad before the deadline. Mailed applications will not be considered. 

Aptitude Test and Interviews

Shortlisted passed candidates will be called for interview &  a written test. Prepare well and dress professionally for your interview.

Final Selection

The final selection will be made based on your performance in the test and interviews as well as a review of your experience and qualifications. Selected candidates will receive offer letters to join their positions.

Selection Process and Key Dates for Ministry of Defense Recruitment

The selection process for the Ministry of Defence roles typically involves a written exam and interview.

Once you’ve passed the written exam, you’ll be invited to an interview.

Key dates to be aware of: 

  • Job listings close 27 May 2024. Make you sure submit your application before the last date. 
  • Written exams are expected to be scheduled in early June 2024. Check the Ministry of Defence website for exact dates and times. 
  • Interviews will likely take place in late June through July 2024. Shortlisted passed candidates will be contacted quickly to schedule an good interview.
  • Final selection decisions are typically announced within one month of interviews. Successful candidates can expect to receive an offer letter in August 2024 to start work in September.


Q: How much experience do I need to apply?

Ans: Don’t worry if you’re fresh out of school or just starting your career. Entry-level positions like naib qasid, mali and chowkidar typically require little to no prior experience. The Ministry of Defence is more interested in your motivation, work ethic, and willingness to learn.

Q: What qualifications are required?

Ans: For most support roles, a matric, middle or primary education should suffice. More advanced positions may require extra training & certifications or degrees. The specific requirements will be listed in the job posting so check carefully to make sure you check the qualifications before applying.

Q: What is the selection process?

Ans: After submitting your application, the Ministry of Defence will review candidates and schedule interviews for the most promising applicants. If selected, you’ll go through a medical exam and background check before receiving a formal offer. The all process commonly takes 4 to 6 weeks. 


Latest job opportunities with the Ministry of Defence in Karachi. Don’t miss out on applying if you meet the eligibility criteria. Competition will be big for these government roles but they offer give good job security & benefits. Get your application in before the deadline, and polish up your resume. With some preparation and a positive attitude, you could land yourself one of these Ministry of Defence jobs in 2024. 

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