Latest Government Jobs in Karachi Shipyard & Engineering In Pakistan

One posting catches your eye – Karachi Shipyard and Engineering Works Limited is hiring.  Their latest advertisement invites applications for openings like Deputy Manager and Deputy General Manager HR. The jobs are based in Karachi, with good salaries. The ad was published on March 19th with a deadline of April 1st. To qualify, you’ll need the right educational background like a bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Latest Government Jobs in Karachi Shipyard & Engineering In Pakistan
Latest Government Jobs in Karachi Shipyard & Engineering In Pakistan

Overview of Karachi Shipyard Jobs & Engineering Works Limited

So you’re interested in a stable government job with excellent pay and benefits? Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Limited (KS&EW) may have just what you’re looking for.

KS&EW is looking for candidates with a bachelor’s, master’s or intermediate degree. Do not late – applications are due month of April 1st 2024. 

Available Positions at Karachi Shipyard & Engineering in Pakistan

Looking for a career with one of Pakistan’s leading shipbuilding and heavy engineering companies? Karachi Shipyard & Engineering Works Limited (KS&EW) has openings you should check out.

KS&EW needs candidates to fill three key roles: 

Deputy Managers, Deputy General Managers of HR, and Assistant Managers of Contracting. To qualify, you will need a university degree in a relevant field of study. No salary details were released, but with an organization as reputable as KS&EW, you can expect competitive pay.

Applications are due April 1st, so don’t delay. KS&EW is seeking candidates who are punctual and professional. If that sounds like you, submit your application through the post or in person. 

Qualification and Experience Required for Jobs

To land one of these exciting new roles at Karachi Shipyard, you will need the proper certified.

Degree Requirements: For most positions, a bachelor’s degree in engineering, human resources, or a related field is typically required. The specific area of study will depend on the specific position. For managerial and leadership roles, degrees in business administration, management, or a similar field are preferred.

Relevant Experience: KS&EW looks for candidates with relevant work experience in the shipbuilding and marine industry. For managerial roles, 5-10 years of progressively responsible experience is expected. 

Additional Skills: Proficiency with standard software like MS Office is assumed. Knowledge of ship design, production planning, and project management software is required for some roles. Managerial positions require skills in areas such as allow, employee development, & resource allocation. Fluency in English and Urdu is typically mandatory.

How to Apply for Vacancies at Karachi Shipyard

To apply for the positions advertised by Karachi Shipyard, follow the application instructions carefully. First, make sure you meet the qualifications listed for your desired role, in terms of education, experience, skills, and other requirements. Then, submit a perfecter CV or resume highlighting your relevant background move .

Mention one or two relevant achievements or experiences that would make you an excellent candidate. Keep your cover letter concise and upbeat in tone.

Double check that you have provided accurate contact details, as KSEW will use this information to reach out to selected applicants. Submit your application materials before the closing date of April 1, 2024 to be considered. You can mail hard copies of your documents or email electronic versions to the addresses provided in the job ad.

Selection Process and Interview Details

Once the application deadline closes, the selection committee will review all applications and shortlist candidates for interviews based on qualifications and experience. Shortlisted candidates will be called for a panel interview at the Karachi Shipyard.

During the panel interview, you’ll meet with representatives from different departments. You will also have the chance to ask any questions you may have about the roles & company.

  • What are your good power that would help you in this situation ?
  • Why are you focused in working for Karachi Shipyard?
  • How would you hold a challenging case with a client or partner?

FAQs About Latest Government Jobs in Karachi Shipyard & Engineering In Pakistan

Q: Who is eligible for apply for shipyard jobs?

Ans: Any Pakistani citizen with the required qualifications and experience can apply for available positions at Karachi Shipyard. Qualifications & good experience requirements different based on specific role.

Q: What kind of jobs are available?

Ans: Karachi Shipyard offers various technical and non-technical positions across different departments like engineering, finance, human resources, procurement and supply chain. Opportunities are available for fresh graduates as well as experienced professionals.

Q: What is the work environment like?

Ans: Karachi Shipyard is a professional work environment with highly skilled and experienced employees from diverse backgrounds. The work culture is focused on teamwork, productivity & change to achieve the organization’s goals. 


The latest jobs at Karachi Shipyard & Engineering offer best career opportunities if you meet the qualifications. With open positions for managers and contracting staff, they’re looking for educated, punctual professionals to join their team. Even though the ad doesn’t list salary info, roles at major companies like this tend to pay well. Just don’t wait too long – get your application in by the April 1st deadline if you’re interested. A job with Karachi Shipyard & Engineering could be the perfect next step for your career. 

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