Sui Southern Gas Company SSGC Jobs 2024 Online Apply

SSGC or Sui Southern Gas Company is Pakistan’s largest natural gas supplier. They work thousands of miles of pipelines that bring gas to homes & businesses in Sindh & Baluchistan. If you live in those provinces, SSGC is the name behind the blue flame.

With over 6,000 employees, SSGC offers stable public sector jobs ranging from field engineers to finance managers. If you want to make a career in the energy sector, SSGC is a best place to start. Their gas meter plant also creates technical & make jobs.

Sui Southern Gas Company SSGC Jobs 2024 Online Apply

Overview of Sui Southern Gas Company (SSGC)

SSGC is responsible for the transmission and distribution of natural gas to over 2 million consumers across Sindh and Balochistan. It operates an extensive pipeline network of over 9,000 km, three gas processing plants and Pakistan’s only gas meter manufacturing plant.


SSGC operates a transmission network of over 5,000 km of pipelines ranging from 6 to 30 inches in diameter. The system carries over 1,100 million cubic feet of gas per day from gas fields in Sindh & Balochistan to major industrial centers like Karachi, Hyderabad &  Quetta.


SSGC’s distribution network spans over 4,000 km, supplying gas to domestic, commercial and industrial consumers across 133 cities and towns in Sindh and Balochistan. The company work city gate stations, district regulating stations & consumer metering stations to regulate & monitor gas supplies.

Gas processing

SSGC operates three gas processing plants located in Sui, Kandhkot and Dhodak which purify raw gas by removing impurities like hydrogen sulfide before injecting treated gas into the transmission network. The combined processing capacity of over 950 million cubic feet per day caters to around 30% of Pakistan’s total gas demand.

Available Positions at SSGC in 2024

Officer & Staff Positions

If you have experience in fields like HR, finance, or administration, SSGC regularly hires for positions like Human Resource Officers, Accounts Officers, and Office Assistants. 

Technical & Field Positions

For those with engineering or technical degrees, SSGC recruits Pipeline Engineers, Mechanics, Welders, and Valve Technicians to help build and maintain their extensive gas pipeline network. Field positions like Meter Readers, Bill Distributors, and Linemen are also frequently available to work directly in local communities across Sindh and Balochistan.

Graduate Trainee Programs

Each year, SSGC accepts applications for their prestigious Graduate Trainee Program, hiring top graduates from universities across Pakistan for roles in finance, HR, administration, and engineering. If you are a fresh graduate looking to launch your career, the SSGC GTP offers the opportunity to gain valuable on the job experience at a leading public part organization.

How to Apply for SSGC Jobs Online

1. Visit SSGC’s career page

Head to SSGC’s official website at and click on the “Careers” link. This will take you to the career opportunities page where all available job openings are listed.

2. Review the job listings

Browse through the list of jobs currently available at SSGC. Check the ability criteria, job responsibilities, & application limit for positions that match your qualifications & experience. Make certain you meet the lowest damands before applying.

3. Create an account

If you find a right role, click “Apply Now” & you will be remind to either sign in with an existing account or create a new one. Enter your personal information to register a free account. Your username & password will be need to log in and access your profile.

4. Submit your application

Once logged in, you can begin filling out the online job application form. Provide details about your education, skills & work experience. You will also be asked to upload supporting documents like your CV, academic transcripts, experience letters, etc. 

5. Application review and outcome

After submitting, your application will be reviewed by SSGC’s recruitment staff. If selected for further assessment, you may be invited to an interview. Outcomes are usually communicated via email within 4 to 6 weeks.With the right experience & modification you have a best shot at building a career with SSGC.


Q: When will the jobs be advertised?

Ans: The jobs are usually advertised in national newspapers like Dawn, The News and Jang in January or February. The jobs are also posted on the official SSGC website and their social media handles. So start checking these platforms regularly from December onwards.

Q: What is the application process?

Ans: The application process is quite straightforward. First, check the eligibility criteria for your desired role on the official advertisement. Make sure you meet the minimum modification & experience. Then, visit the SSGC website and create an account. Fill out the online application form and give all the required information like your academic confirmation & work experience. You will have to pay an application fee, which is normally around Rs. 500-1000. Submit your application before the deadline.

Q: What is the selection process?

Ans: If your application is shortlisted, you will be called for a written test. Candidates who qualify the written test will proceed to the interview round. The interview panel will rate your technical knowledge, communication skills, & talent for the role. Medical tests & background verification will also be manage. Finally, the candidates who successfully clear all rounds will receive an official appointment letter from SSGC.


SSGC offers a broad range of career possibility if you are looking to get into Pakistan’s natural gas company . With operations across two major provinces and a specialty manufacturing plant, they need all sorts of skilled professionals to keep things running smoothly. Whether you’re fresh out of engineering school or have years of field experience, be sure to keep an eye on their website for job postings. 

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